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Variable Frame Behind Static Text

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Well, I'll admit it's kind of hacky, but you could just edit the variable stuff off of the art, add it as a resource to your template, and then overlay your variable frames. I'm not really sure what your other options are aside from re-typsetting their coupons. Example attached.


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create two text frames:

1. variable coupon # text frame

2. static text frame


layer static text frame above variable text frame should do the trick?


using pitstop you can delete the static strings.


attached is the modified PDF, but don't have futura matching font - sorry.


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using pitstop you can delete the static strings.

That's true, although you don't need PitStop. Acrobat Pro has built-in Edit Text and Images tool. In Acrobat DC, it's even easier: just select the arrow tool instead of the hand tool, select something in a PDF, and click Delete.


You could also just create a whole new page with menu option FusionPro -> Manage Pages -> Insert Page.


Also, you could just leave the static content alone and cover it up with a big text frame filled with white.


Or, you could leave the static content alone and check the "Suppress static PDF background in composition" box on the Graphics tab of the Composition Settings. It might look a bit weird with the static background there in Preview, but it will be gone in the composed output.

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