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Changing Fonts for Characters


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I currently have 3 rules to change the numbers in the specific field to a different font. These rules work.



return Field("Address").replace(/(\d+)/g,'<f name="Gotham Medium">$1</f>');



return Rule("RuleFaxFormat").replace(/(\d+)/g,'<f name="Gotham Medium">$1</f>');



return Rule("RulePhoneFormat").replace(/(\d+)/g,'<f name="Gotham Medium">$1</f>');


I need assistance with the following:


1. Including change in font size & leading for the numbers: Font size with Gotham Medium should be 7pt with 8.4pt leading


2. Including ( ) and - characters in the phone & fax rules


If someone can use the phone or fax rule above to show me how to do this, I can then apply it to the others.


All help will be much appreciated.

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Right now, you're capturing all numbers and assigning them to the '$1' variable which you then wrap in your font tag. If you want to expand that regexp to include parentheses and hyphens, I think this would work for you:


return Field("Address").replace(/([\(\)\-\d]+)/g, '<span font="Gotham Medium">$1</span>');


Here's a more in depth break-down of how it works:

var find = new RegExp(
 '(' +   // Parenthesis CAPTURE matched patterns and assign them to $1
 '[' +   // Square brackets denote a character set that the RegExp should match
 '\\(' + // First character to match: ( <-- Open parenthesis
         // Note that we escape so we don't start another capture group
 '\\)' + // Second character to match: ) <-- Close parenthesis
 '\\-' + // Third character to match: - <-- hyphen
 '\\d' + // All digits 0-9
 ']' +   // Close the square brackets because we only want to match what's inside
 '+' +   // Plus sign means we want to match 1 or more of the characters in the []
 ')'     // Close parenthesis to end capturing
,'g');   // g means "Match globally"

// Each captured match is assigned to $1 so we can wrap it in font tags 
var replace = '<span font="Gotham Medium">$1</span>';

return Field("Address").replace(find,replace);

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Step's solution seems fine, other than not addressing the point size change, although I think this will work as well:

return Field("Address").replace(/([\d\W]+)/g, '<span font="Gotham Medium" pointsize=7>$1</span>');

The \W means "any non-word character", basically anything that's not a letter or digit, and \d means a digit, and the square brackets mean "match anything in here", so [\d\W] means basically anything that's not a letter. For reference:



As I noted in the other thread, you shouldn't really need to do anything special in the rule for leading. By default, you're automatically going to get 8.4 point leading for a line where the largest text is 7 point. If you need to adjust this, you can change the auto-leading factor in the Paragraph Formatting dialog.


Also, if you want, you can put this logic into a function in the JavaScript Globals like so:

function FormatAddressOrPhone(text)
   return String(text).replace(/([\d\W]+)/g, '<span font="Gotham Medium" pointsize=7>$1</f>');

Or name it whatever you want. Then instead of every rule needing to have all that special code in it, you can just have each rule call the function, like so:

return FormatAddressOrPhone(Field("Address"));


return FormatAddressOrPhone(Rule("RuleFaxFormat"));


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