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GraphicsFrame and TextFrame missing when PDF exported from InDesign


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I just upgraded my FusionPro to version 9.3.22. I used the uninstaller to remove the previous version before installing this upgrade.


I have tried to export a couple different PDFs from InDesign CS 6 and InDesign CC 2015 with text frames and graphic frames tagged and exported using the FP InDesign plugin panel. Each time the PDF exports successfully, and opens in Acrobat Pro, but with only the static elements showing in the background, and no variable frames showing up that I can select. However, if I look at the "overview" palette for FusionPro within Acrobat Pro, I do see a listing for my variable frames, and I can select them in that list and then click on the "edit text..." button to access the frame content. However, the frame and its contents do not appear even after turning on the Preview Template.


Is there some way to "turn on" the visual dotted line representation of the text frame and show the preview that I'm missing? I've used FP though many different upgrades starting from version 5, but I've never had this issue before.




Mac OS 10.10.5 - InDesign CS 6 and CC 2015 - Acrobat Pro 10.1.16 _ FP 9.3.22

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Yes, I was able to go through the data source defining process as normal.


I ended up reinstalling an older version of FusionPro on a separate computer, then stealing the older version InDesign FP plugins from that installation and replacing them into the plugins folder on my computer, overwriting the FP 9.3 InDesign plugins. Now everything works.


I see that as a serious problem that the developers need to address. It could be caused by something I did, but I doubt it.

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