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Unknown Attribute <> of Tag <fileioinfo> Ignored


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We are getting a message at the end of the collection process that says "unknown attribute <> of tag <fileioinfo> ignored." The collected template seems fine and works well when we upload it to the server, but I am not sure what the message means or if it is affecting something we are not aware of.


We are using both Mac (9.3.22) and PC (9.3.21) versions, with the macs running Designer and the PCs running Creator. All of them are using Acrobat Pro DC.


I have attached the collection message file that shows the warning (I changed the extension from .msg to .txt to upload it).




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If I search the forums for "unknown attribute" it appears to be related to running a newer version of Designer than Creator. If you are certain the output yields what you expect, you're probably OK, but upgrading your PC software might be worthwhile to be safe.
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