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Justify Text to Top, Middle, Bottom


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You can add a format control for the frame via OnRecordStart, then using either a radio button or a drop-down list in the form, you can let the user select the alignment. First off, you need a field for the "Align" options (top, center or bottom). Then you also need to name your variable frame in FP. Next insert the text value into the frame. Finally you create your OnRecordStart rule as follows:


var frame1 = FindTextFrame("Text Box A");

frame1.verticalAlignment = Field("Align");


In template setup, create your list for the Align field and voila!


Hope this helps

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thanks. what is a OnRecordStart?

It's a rule in your FusionPro template. Your question isn't really specific to MarcomCentral, other than that you have some kind of entry form on the web where a user enters the top, center, or bottom value, instead of simply providing such a data value in the input file in FusionPro VDP Creator.

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