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Scheduler Queuing Error


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When sending a job to the scheduler it remains in the queuing state and eventually throws a time out error. I don't see any other codes.


We are using FusionPro 9.3.21 and recently upgraded from 9.3.15. This has happened since that installation. We are sending files from both PC's and Mac's.

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These kinds of problems are hard to diagnose here on the forum. Your best bet is to contact Support.


Are you using Producer, or do you have an FP Server system using DL Queue?


When you say you're using 9.3.21, do you mean on the Scheduler machine? What are the versions of FusionPro on the client PCs and Macs?

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understood, I thought I was clicking on the support tab...

Well, yes, this is the Support sub-forum, but it's still the User Community. And some problems don't lend themselves to being easily solvable in this context.

We are using the FP Scheduler with DL Queue. The server and PC's are on 9.3.21 and the Mac's are on 9.3.22.

Okay, thanks. So you have the same problem regardless of the client? What happens if you log into the Scheduler machine itself, run the Producer Monitor app, and from the Finished Jobs tab, recompose a job? Also, check to make sure that you actually have a valid Target machine on your queue in the Producer Configuration app.

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I appreciate your help. Looking at the ports for the FP producer configuration I see three are blocked; 8756 and 12093 for the Target machine and one instance of the scheduler blocked on port 12083.


When I recompose a job it sits in the scheduler waiting as queueing as well.



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Talked to my IT guy and he suggested we reboot the server and that unblocked the ports for the target machine. I also managed to research this and discovered we had the same problem last year after an upgrade and at that point the server firewall was blocking it.


Hopefully this info can help someone else in this situation in the future.


thanks for your help.

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