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Splitting Output


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Yes it is possible, but you'll need to compose the file twice. Once for the single page records, and again for the 2 page records.


In your FP file you'll want to create an OnRecordStart rule that checks if it's a 1 or a 2 page record, and then either composes or does not compose that record.

I don't think that's the right answer to this particular question.


If you're using the FusionPro.Composition.SetBodyPageUsage function in OnRecordStart to control the number of pages in each record, then yes, you could set FusionPro.Composition.composeThisRecord = false to not output records accordingly.


But the original post was asking about using Overflow pages, and there's no way to detect in the OnRecordStart rule how many pages will be composed for the record, including overflows.


So unfortunately, there's really no easy way to do what the original poster wants.


That said, what you might be able to make work is to use text measurement to figure out whether the text will require an overflow page, as Step details in answer to a similar question here:



Although, I should also ask: Why are you trying to separate the one-page and two-page outputs in the first place? What are you ultimately trying to accomplish?


Do you need to print the two sets of outputs separately, with some as duplex? If that's the case, then perhaps all you need to do is to tell FusionPro to always emit two pages for each record, either by setting the "Add Pages" mode to "In Pairs" in the Overflow Options dialog, or by simply replacing the Overflow page with a second Body page with the text frames on the two pages linked, as I suggest here:



Here's another similar thread:



(Those other threads were found by searching for "FusionPro detect overflow" in Google. Speaking with my moderator hat on, it's never a bad idea to search for an existing thread before posting.)


The other way you could do this is to compose each record to its own output file, and turn on the XML log file by calling FusionPro.Composition.CreateXMLLogFile() in OnJobStart, then after the composition, you can parse the <record> tags in the XML log file to see how many pages were actually output from each record, in each output file, and then move/print/whatever with certain outputs accordingly.

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Thanks Dan

We are printing the job on a digital press which needs a page 2 for the single pieces so the two pages back up correctly. Without a second page for the singles its either all single sided or all double sided.


I was thinking there has to be a way to output a blank when the overflow page is not used, but was unsure how to accomplish it. I know its possible, just unsure of the best approach. I'll look over the threads you referenced and do some testing.


Thank You

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