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Code 128 as a graphic


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In Fusion Pro can I create a Code128 barcode as a graphic, similar to the way I can with a QR code?

There's nothing built-in to do that, no. The Code 128 barcode is one-dimensional, not two-dimensional like a QR barcode.

Client wants to be specific on the size of it and changing fonts and point sizes isn't getting it to what they want.

Copyfitting should work, either full-flow or CopyfitLine. Another trick you can do, depending on what else is in the template, is to "mask" part of the barcode by simply covering it up with a frame filled with white. I can't offer more specific suggestions without more information, though.

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There are other ways to alter type (or a barcode) using scripts and the character height and width parameters. Can you post a picture of what you are trying to accomplish?


Sometimes "putting a box over a portion of the barcode" is not feasible.


I've had to alter the height and width before.


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