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Adding a Differentiator to Output File Names

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We are running VDP Producer API version 9.3.9 and have set up our templates on our server to create multiple output files when the number of records exceeds a certain amount using the composition setting "output to multiple files". Using the Folder Watcher we have also set the Output File Name to use "input file name".


The issue that we have is when the output files are generated they have a number sequence appended to the end of the file name, for example, newfile1.pdf; newfile2.pdf; newfile3.pdf; etc.; and it just so happens our file names are number sequences already. Our file names end up looking something like 12341.pdf; 12342.pdf; 12343.pdf; which ends up a little confusing to our operators.


The question I have is this: is there a programmatic way to precede the file differentiator with a hyphen, or underscore, so the files would look something like this, 1234-1.pdf, 1234-2.pdf, etc.?



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