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How to adjust the padding on an Image with Text Wrap?

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Hello Again,


I am setting up some presentation fliers for a client, and one section requires presenter/speaker head shots and biographies. The client has designed them to wrap the text around the speaker's photo and to have 0.1875" of padding on just the right side and bottom of the image. Fusion Pro is wrapping the text around the image, but the text touches the image box.


It took me a while to even find the text wrap setting at all, and I can find no place to change the behavior of the text wrap in my Fusion Pro documentation. Is there a way to define the precise padding (space around the image) when using the text wrap tool?


I have included a mock up image of what I am attempting to do and what Fusion Pro is generating:



I know for a fact that the client will not redesign this layout to accommodate the software, so I have to figure out a way to create the desired layout.



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There are 2 ways this can be addressed:

1) Use Text inset on the Text frame, although with this option the inset value is symmetrical, so it will also inset on the right edge of the frame as well.


2) Add another frame which is empty. Then set it to the edge of where the text is to be "padded", but that frame is only used for that padded space of the text frame.


Hope this helps

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