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Outlining a font - Curving text - Sports Jersey

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Hi -

Very new to FusionPro.

I have a name on the back of Sports Jersey that needs outlined text and a text curve. I did curve the text -not sure if it is the proper way.

In the artwork there is FAN LAST NAME is there a way to remove that?

On the outline it is white lettering with a black outline.

How do you outline text?



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Unfortunately, you cannot outline text or add a stroke to text on a curve. You would need to use a font that has that capability to achieve that.


As far as the "FAN LAST NAME" you would need to get the art work without that text or you would need to remove it using an image editing tool like Photoshop.

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I would take a look at FusionPro Expression for the kind of effect you describe.


If you take a look at the templates in the PTI Store, there are a few that I think are close to what you want. For instance, the "Soccer Girl" template shows a name on a jersey:



Although the "Billard Ball" (sic) template might be closer to the effect you're looking for, with the Image Characters personalization:



Or browse through some of the others. At any rate, these should give you some ideas about the capabilities of FP Expression. Once you get the effect you want in Expression, then you can either just run your data through that to output the images you need, or you can integrate the Expression template with your FusionPro VDP job (as the Frodo Travel tutorial demonstrates).

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Maybe I am misunderstanding the question. It is possible to achieve outlined text on a curve but you need to use a JavaScript rule.


return '<stroke color="Black" width="100">' + Field("[color="Red"]YourFieldName[/color]") + '</stroke>';


Insert the rule into the Variable Text Editor and set the color to White. The rule sets the stroke color to Black with a width of 100 hundredths of a point.


See the attached PDF.

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Thanks for the responses. That is the effect I wanted. I did try and with limited knowledge failed. Did find out we had FusionPro Expression on an unused computer.


I'm not sure I am using the rule properly because I failed at producing the same results. I think I've attached the LR as an example.


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