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Rule Disappearing

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Anyone else have a issue with rules dropping out. Working a Mac. Acrobat 11, FusionPro 9.3.6, with a pdf exported from Indesign cs-6. Mac OS10.9.5.


Twice now, half way through programing a job i've went to create another rule to find the palette empty. All rules gone. You can see the names still applied in the frame but return no data since the rules are gone.


Since I can not get half of the fonts to load on the PC version I'm stuck with working on my Mac, but have had to restart these job twice now with the same problem.


Any ideas would be greatly appreciatied.

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It's hard to say what's going on with such little information. But there is a new build, or both Windows and Mac, which you could try to see if it addresses the problem. Contact Support and ask for the 9.3.12 build.


The other advice I can offer, which applies to just about every program in the world, is to save often.

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