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Colors Not Transferring Properly


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When exporting the assets from an indesign file to a pdf the color values, specifically CMYK colors, are becoming distorted and not remaining the same as they were in the indesign. We can go in and manually change the color values back to their original CMYK values but some of these will not stay changed and revert back to the wrong values. It's almost as if a document with CMYK colors is being converted to RGB, and then changed back to CMYK when the pdf is created in the template generator. Therefore the CMYK colors are incorrect. Is there some setting or something we are missing when exporting the template that is causing the templates to lose their original color values? This problem is not happening when the colors are set up as PMS.
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When exporting the template from Indesign, try this.

1) to File -> Export (this is the regular InDesign)

2) Hit Save.

3) Change the Export Settings to your custom settings with options recommended by your press vendor. If you do not know you can try Press Settings or High Quality, or define your custom PDF Preset profile

4) **Choose the Output category, select "No Color conversion" for the Color Conversion option.

5) Delete the file just created

6) Go to the FusionPro Pallet

7) Hit the little arrow in the upper right hand corner

8) Export Document

Did this help?

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