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FPImposer resetting Advanced

David Weisman

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FPImposer will not save Advanced Ordering.


I reverse Horizontal and Vertical, Save. When I reopen the fpi files, the Ordering has reverted to default.


Is this a known bug? Is there a workaround?

This kind of question is impossible to answer without, at a minimum, knowing what version of FusionPro you're using, and on what platform (Windows or Mac).

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Thanks for the additional information. After some investigation, it turns out that this is a very old bug in FP Imposer for Mac, going all the way back to the very first release of FP Imposer, as far as I can tell. It's very unusual for a bug to be in the field this long, so kudos for finding and reporting it, and we apologize for this being broken for all this time. The Windows version is unaffected by this bug.


We're still working on a fix to be included in an upcoming release. However, as Scott notes, the selected settings are indeed saved, so you can still use FP Imposer and the settings you specify will work at composition time. Also, if you re-open the FPI file and re-save it with changes, without entering that Advanced Settings dialog, the ordering will be unchanged. However, if you do open the Advanced Settings dialog, the settings will not necessarily reflect what was saved in the FPI file, and re-saving it may change those settings. So, there's not really any workaround, other than to be careful if you're using the Advanced Settings, but for the vast majority of use cases, this bug should be benign, which is probably why it's been undetected until now.

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