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FusionPro Template, Graphics as Text and Profile Attributes


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Good Morning!


I went out to the Javascript forum this morning asking this question. They sent me here since the question has to do with Javascript in the template and profile attributes on MarcomCentral.


I have a FusionPro template that uses graphics as text to move the graphic based upon text.


The rule looks like this

if (Field("AE Name")=="Andy Shulman")
   return "<graphic file=AndySig2.pdf>";


The rule has an entry for each of our account executives. Right now on MarcomCentral, users have to select their names from a text-drop down field to populate the signature.


Is it possible to use a profile attribute to do this, so it populates based upon the user account? We use image profile attributes for other clients, but the field in the FusionPro template is an image field.


Please help.

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You would use a Text Profile Attribute (TPA) to trigger your graphic. It works the exact same way as your drop-down for the "AE name" field, except that it is not a drop down, it is assigned based on the User assignment. So using your code example; the User Assignment for the TPA associated to "AE name" would be "Andy Shulman", which will return the "AndySig2.pdf".


I do not believe you can use an image profile attribute this way, but you are welcome to test it out and give it a try.

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