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Using Graphics as Text & Profile Attributes


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I have a template that uses graphics as text to move the graphic based upon text. At the time it was built, I came out for help and was lucky to find it.


I created a rule that looks like this

if (Field("AE Name")=="Andy Shulman")
   return "<graphic file=AndySig2.pdf>";


The rule has an entry for each of our account executives. Right now, users have to select their names from a text-drop down field to populate the signature.


Is it possible to use a profile attribute to do this, so it populates based upon the user account? We do this for other clients, but it is an image field in the template and an image profile attribute.


Please help.

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I wanted to know if javascript would be different in FusionPro in this situation. Is that the case

I don't know, but if what you have to do in FusionPro is different for a MarcomCentral composition, then the question is specific to MarcomCentral.

or will MarcomCentral know the answer and be able to help me?

Yes, I suspect that someone on the MarcomCentral forum will know the answer.


Just a tip: Instead of duplicating a thread, you can move a thread with the "Thread Tools" menu.

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