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Having trouble getting Fusion Pro to load specific fonts


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I am trying to get Fusion Pro to load all the faces of our brand font. When I first ran the Load Fonts function it recognized the bold face and the light face but none of the others. I went through an deleted duplicates of the font on my machine and loaded them again with no change. Next I deleted and reinstalled the fonts, ran Load Fonts again and this time Fusion Pro didn't show any of the type faces. Now after a few more attempts at Load Fonts the font name will show up on Fusion Pro but non of the typefaces.
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These kinds of problems are basically impossible to analyze without (a) knowing the exact versions of FusionPro and the operating system, and (b) examining the font files. You should specify the exact versions of FusionPro and (presumably) Mac OS X in your post, but font files can't generally be posted to a public forum such as this one without violating their license terms. Therefore, you should send the fonts, along with the other information, to FusionProSupport@PTI.com for analysis.
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