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We have all sorts of fusion pro products in our system, such as business cards and letter heads, but now we are trying to see what else the software can do. For example, I'm currently creating a generic demo of a smartstore and wish to have a welcome brochure for a gym, where the trainer would be the person who logs in, and creates the brochure for his/her customer.


So, on the front page where it says welcome, and then I'd like to put the customers name in, however, I can't seem to find how to do this. Also, further in, I want the trainer to be able to explain specific things and have a certain amount of characters to say to their customer who they are, but obviously you have to have a fp files text box linked to a field such as name or title, or whatever so I can't make this text editable.


I've looked at making a CSV to upload that can be updated each time a customer would join the service, however this means the trainer would have to write great paragraphs in the small excel text boxes, and create a log in for every trainers customer that they would have to log in for.


Any help or guidance much appreciated!

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DSF can use the Define HTML Form option on the FusionPro menu. This allows you to create "Single-line" string entry fields or "Multi-line" text areas for any of the text fields in your data source. In both instances you can restrict the number of characters allowed. You may also create a "Pick List" with varying settings. FusionPro generates an HTML preview for testing, although it does not generate a proof in the preview.


Once saved and collected, FusionPro generates an XML file that you upload into DSF with the other FusionPro files, which allows for the form interaction (as previewed) to generate a proof. All that being said, I have never used DSF, I have only had the process demoed and it seems easy enough. If you have further questions about the process inside of DSF, I would check with their user forum or with EFI directly.


Hope this helps

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Any ideas how I can do a similar thing with images? I want to be able to insert an image in the fusionpro file, that the user can select from a gallery?


I've tried asking on DSF forums, but had no luck so far, I've been looking through, and I know there are rules that look like it should work, I'm just not sure how I can do it so it can link once the file is in DSF?




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