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Variable Images not previewing

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Good Afternoon everyone,


I am running VDP 9.1 on a Mac (OS 10.8.5) using Acrobat 11. I am having issues previewing variable graphics. The files compose correctly. I have read posts saying to add the images to the same folder that holds VDP template. This works if there are only a few images, however with the template I am working on now, this will not work. Any help will be greatly appreciated

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Did you use the "Insert Picture Rule" graphic rule template where you can specify the path to the graphics in the Rule Editor? Or are you simply specifying a field name in the graphic properties palette? You can also add the UNC path to the job folder in the "Advanced" tab "Search Path" window of the "Composition Settings Menu" before composing as well as preview to view the graphic resources as well..
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When you say, "The files compose correctly," do you mean a local composition in Acrobat? Or do you mean a remote composition via FusionPro VDP Producer (FP Direct), MarcomCentral, or some other system?


If a local composition (in Acrobat, but not a Preview) works correctly, then I would expect the Preview to work as well. If the local composition doesn't work correctly, then there should be relevant messages in the log (.msg) file.


Either way, the usual way to fix a problem like this (other than putting all the graphics in the same folder as the template) is to go into the Composition Settings dialog, on the Advanced tab, and enter the path to the graphics in the Search Path box. If you have more than one location for graphics, you can use semicolons to delimit the paths.

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Thank You Alex and Dan for the quick reply.


Alex, you asked if I used the "Insert Picture Rule", what I had done was to bring in all my resources and used a switch graphic rule. The job I am working on is a reoccurring job where I usually just import new data. This time however, the variable images were not previewing in Acrobat prior to composition. After composition of the file, all graphics previewed.


Dan, you asked about composition. I composed the file in VDP to a pdf and everything previewed. I did not receive any error messages.


I did add a path in the advanced tab, and I did get the previews to work in acrobat. Funny, I never had to do this before. The other interesting thing is that I get the same issue (no preview), even with a brand new job. From this point on, I guess I will have to set the path in the Advanced tab.


Thank You,


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