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Code128 barcode issue


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I am going to install VDP Creator at a new site on a MAC computer. In this project I need to create sequences of code128 barcodes. I started (on my WIN PC) by creating barcode using the same number showed in the EPS sent by customer. I just used the very simple XML bcode text rule included in the product. I got a code128 that can be read correctly by my smartphone scanner. I see that scanner reads OK the EPS bcode too, even if bars are really different than mine... So I do not understand why, and my customer is saying that I have to use same characters.. Mine is IDAutomationC128L , while I see a different one missing in the EPS... I will go there soon, but at the moment I can't access his MAC Could you please help me? Please see the attachment. Thanks Maurizio


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Additional info: I tried on http://www.barcode-generator.org/ and just clicking on code128, entering 132500000 as data, I get the same exact customer bar sequence. Maybe something new on 9.1 ? I have 9.1 win.

I have following info from my contact:

CODE 128


300 dpi

factor 100% (width)

custom 8,4 mm (height)

thanks Maurizio

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I'm not exactly sure why the two barcodes appear different. Although if the barcode scans correctly, you would be hard pressed to convince me that it's wrong, even if it does not appear exactly the same as another barcode.


That said, you might try converting the rule to JavaScript and changing the call from Make128Barcode to Make128BBarcode, or to MakeEAN128Barcode.


If those don't produce the exact results you want, then you might need to program your own custom barcode generator function to call instead of the ones in Builtins.js. I would start by searching the web for "barcode 128 javascript".


The other thing you could try, if you have access to an online barcode generator, is to create a Graphic rule with a call to CreateResource and the URL to the barcode. If you do this, you need to make sure that you have legal permission to call the barcode generator service this way and use the results in printed output. PTI assumes no responsibility if you violate the usage terms of any third-party website or online tool.

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Dan, thank you for the answer.

Here is what I need : "Code128 Auto - Support Code 128 A/B/C characters. Automatically switch between the different code sets and performs characters optimization". Tried --> http://www.racoindustries.com/barcodegenerator/1d/code-128.aspx , where you can switch charset: when I say AUTO I get what I need, while A and B just report me the output I get with the currently available generators under VDP Creator. I do not believe I can point to a web online generator, so I need to have one locally available... Any futher help is appreciated. Thank you. Maurizio

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Last for tonight...: Tried the MakeEAN128Barcode , and it looks similar to the code128 AUTO (at least in the start / stop digits), but it always has to make even digits, by adding a trailing "0" , and it won't work in my case. I guess it is a standard for the EAN128 Barcode, so I do not believe it is an error in the composer. As I said before, any help is welcome. Thanks Maurizio
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Sorry for the delay, but I think I have a solution for you. Download the attached file, and copy-and-paste the contents from there into the JavaScript Globals in your job (or directly into your rule). Then call the Make128CBarcode function.


This difference between this new Make128CBarcode function and the older Make128Barcode function is that, if there are an odd number of digits, the new one starts in code C and switches to code B. The old function, if there are an odd number of digits, starts in B and switches to C for the balance of them.


I would still consider the outputs of both functions to be equally valid, and to meet the definition of an "auto" encoding, since they both switch codes as necessary, but the new function just happens to start in code C instead of code B.


The Make128CBarcode function will be added to an upcoming release of FusionPro, so that it can be used without adding it to the JavaScript Globals or rules for individual jobs.


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