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  1. Hello, did anybody tried to output AFP with Producer? At the moment I have a VDP creator / Win 10.1.11 NFR license (Ricoh employee) and I know AFP output is not supported, anyway in a couple of days I need proposing Producer to an AFP customer, but I won't be able to install Producer in Ricoh Showroom until mid-march. Even though VDP Creator should not output AFP, I tried it on a simple file, and my VDP works only when I disable the background, and when I have variable text fields only (no variable images). Any idea about Producer AFP output quality? Thanks Maurizio
  2. Hi all, I'm trying to write some lines from an input file to a new one. When there is a certain condition i must change the current page, and write the other lines in the new page. Is there a rule to do something like this? (es. if i'm working on the page "1" i want to create and move to page "2") Thanks
  3. Hello Ste, There is something wrong with the "if" sentence. If I leave it like before, script never enters in it. It looks like the "Field" function is not allowed in that place. See this: var contaRecord = Dir.recordCount; var Final = ""; for (var recordWalker = 1; recordWalker <= contaRecord; recordWalker++) { if (Dir.GetFieldValue(recordWalker, "ID") == 2) //Field("ID")) //Dir.GetFieldValue (recordWalker, "ID")) { Final = Final + Dir.GetFieldValue(recordWalker, ("name")) + " " + Dir.GetFieldValue(recordWalker, "city") + " " + Dir.GetFieldValue(recordWalker, "number") + "<br><br>"; } } //return Dir.GetFieldValue(1, "name"); return Final; By writing the script above I can return the 2nd row of my input file. What I need is to have the first 2 ID rows on the 1st composed page , and for the remaining rows, each one on separate pages. ID is the key field, in my example. About the "more complex" Excel file, yes, I will ask to have 1 title line only, but I won't be able to get 1 record 1 row schema, so I have to deal with multiple records. As I am not an expert about javascript, I want start learning by using the simplex example I did above. Thank you. Maurizio
  4. Hello, I tried to learn by user a simpler example, then apply later on mine... I used an input file made like this: ID;name;city;number 1;pippo;milano;2345643 1;giacomo;bari;345687474 2;pluto;novara;2334785 3;paperino;mantova;3429345 4;topolino;como;6361238 I need to get same ID row on the same page. By looking at Rules Manual and some entries I found here around, I used the following onJobStart rule Dir = new ExternalDataFile("C:\\Users\\Production Printig\\Documents\\Progetti_PTI\\Testrules\\DBMultipleRecord.csv", ";"); var contaRecord = Dir.recordCount; for (var recordWalker=1; recordWalker <= contaRecord; recordWalker++) { if (Dir.GetFieldValue(recordWalker, 'ID') == Field("ID")) { Final = Final + Dir.GetFieldValue(recordWalker, "name") + " " + Dir.GetFieldValue(recordWalker, "city") + " " + Dir.GetFieldValue(recordWalker, "number") + "<br><br>"; } } return; Output is empty... Any idea? Thanks Maurizio
  5. Hello, I entered this in FP Producer discussion this afternoon. I prefer to enter here too, because of its meaning in VDP Creator. Also I did not explain very well there... I hope to do better here. I usually had customers that provided me excel / csv files with titles in 1st row, and each row was an output record. Now I have a new one who gave me the attached one. At a 1st look it does not look to be usable in FP Producer (VDP creator as well of course) Now, depending on the “tipo” column (H or L), I have either Customer details / order summary (H), or article details (L) referring to the customer above. Row numbers are variable for each customer. They also have a “double” 1st line, depending whether “tipo” row is either H or L. Of course same H - L group should be composed in the same output record: L referring rows one under the other, while customer / order details on several locations within the same page. Customer will get a FP Producer, but this is a common question, valid for VDP Creator as well. Should I drive customer to reassemble DB and have variable names on the 1st row, or is there a different way to identify variable names ? Thanks Maurizio dpc.zip
  6. Dan, thank you very much. It works as expected. Maurizio
  7. Hello. I would do this: var Var6 = "IDAutomationC128L"; final_data = ""; if (Field("nbr") == "70-0024-012") return final_data = '<span><f name="' + Var6 + '">' + NormalizeEntities(Make128Barcode("M00582040")) + '</span>'; else if (Field("nbr") == "70-0024-014") return final_data = '<span><f name="' + Var6 + '">' + NormalizeEntities(Make128Barcode("M00582050")) + '</span>'; else if (Field("nbr") == "70-0024-016") return final_data = '<span><f name="' + Var6 + '">' + NormalizeEntities(Make128Barcode("M00582060")) + '</span>'; else if (Field("nbr") == "70-0024-018") return final_data = '<span><f name="' + Var6 + '">' + NormalizeEntities(Make128Barcode("M00582070")) + '</span>'; else if (Field("nbr") == "70-0024-020") return final_data = '<span><f name="' + Var6 + '">' + NormalizeEntities(Make128Barcode("M00582080")) + '</span>'; else if (Field("nbr") == "70-0024-022") return final_data = '<span><f name="' + Var6 + '">' + NormalizeEntities(Make128Barcode("M00582060")) + '</span>'; else if (Field("nbr") == "70-0024-024") return final_data = '<span><f name="' + Var6 + '">' + NormalizeEntities(Make128Barcode("M00582090")) + '</span>'; else if (Field("nbr") == "70-0024-028") return final_data = '<span><f name="' + Var6 + '">' + NormalizeEntities(Make128Barcode("M00582100")) + '</span>'; else return " "; ------------------------ "nbr" is the field name... Also, please remember to tick the "return as tagged text" cell before saving the rule. Ciao Maurizio
  8. Last for tonight...: Tried the MakeEAN128Barcode , and it looks similar to the code128 AUTO (at least in the start / stop digits), but it always has to make even digits, by adding a trailing "0" , and it won't work in my case. I guess it is a standard for the EAN128 Barcode, so I do not believe it is an error in the composer. As I said before, any help is welcome. Thanks Maurizio
  9. Dan, thank you for the answer. Here is what I need : "Code128 Auto - Support Code 128 A/B/C characters. Automatically switch between the different code sets and performs characters optimization". Tried --> http://www.racoindustries.com/barcodegenerator/1d/code-128.aspx , where you can switch charset: when I say AUTO I get what I need, while A and B just report me the output I get with the currently available generators under VDP Creator. I do not believe I can point to a web online generator, so I need to have one locally available... Any futher help is appreciated. Thank you. Maurizio
  10. Additional info: I tried on http://www.barcode-generator.org/ and just clicking on code128, entering 132500000 as data, I get the same exact customer bar sequence. Maybe something new on 9.1 ? I have 9.1 win. I have following info from my contact: CODE 128 AUTO 300 dpi factor 100% (width) custom 8,4 mm (height) thanks Maurizio
  11. Given that, in both cases I get the right output number (132500000), I need to obtain it with the same "bar" sequence as that showed in the eps file (I guess we have different code128 versions, maybe a "C" and an "A" versions, both valid). Thank you. Maurizio
  12. Hello. I am going to install VDP Creator at a new site on a MAC computer. In this project I need to create sequences of code128 barcodes. I started (on my WIN PC) by creating barcode using the same number showed in the EPS sent by customer. I just used the very simple XML bcode text rule included in the product. I got a code128 that can be read correctly by my smartphone scanner. I see that scanner reads OK the EPS bcode too, even if bars are really different than mine... So I do not understand why, and my customer is saying that I have to use same characters.. Mine is IDAutomationC128L , while I see a different one missing in the EPS... I will go there soon, but at the moment I can't access his MAC Could you please help me? Please see the attachment. Thanks Maurizio 132500000.zip
  13. Hello. I need to get the same results I get by running the Excel function floor(number; significance) , round down a number to the closer multiple of the significance value. That is, if I run floor(100000; 12) on Excel I get 99996 , which is the closer integer down, multiple of 12. Sorry I can't find any similar in JavaScript. Thank you. Maurizio
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