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XML Rules Missing


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IT recently moved my MAC onto a domain. I am trying to use Fusion Pro for the first time since then. I am getting errors when trying to create a new rule. Warning looks like this.


Empty Rule/Library/Application Support/Printable/FusionPro/Plugins/TemplateXML/128BBarcodeRule.XML


There are quite a few similar warnings that if I click OK it goes through them all and then the rule dialog box appears but I am missing a bunch of the rule templates. Is there a way to fix this? This happens every time I try to create a new rule. I really didn't want to have to reinstall.



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Are the XML files present at the location indicated? If so, then I don't know why it wouldn't be working. My guess is that you somehow have parts of two different versions of FusionPro installed. I'm not sure why you are so reluctant to re-install either; that shouldn't cause any problems. Although, quite frankly, Snow Leopard is getting a bit long in the tooth (no pun intended) these days, as is FusionPro 7.2.
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