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otf using oldstyle numbers


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I'm building a fusionpro template with a client supplied otf.


I'm working on a MAC OS X version 10.7.5, InDesign CS6 file that is getting converted to FusionPro VDP Designer 8.2.7 / Acrobat Version 10.1.7


The font is in my systems font folder.


In InDesign the font is working great. When I export to Fusion pro and apply the font the numbers are showing in oldstyle. What do I do to stop the oldstyle numbers in fusionpro?



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Yes I did use the load fonts in FusionPro menu. The font is avaiable in the font drop-down when I go into the fusionpro text editor. The alpha characters look great it is only the numeric characters that are showing in the font as oldstyle
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Thanks for this link....I did already know this tracking/kerning in regards to old style number characters and I regularly address this concern the way it was discussed in this links post thread.


However, the problem that I'm having today with the old style characters is that in InDesign the numbers all sit on the baseline and when I export to FusionPro the numbers shift up and down on the baseline, for example the number 6 lowers below the baseline. Do you know how I resolve this baseline oldstyle concern?

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Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!


After reading through the post on the link you sent me and investigating......it appears that the problem is that in InDesign the Proportional Lining has been applied and FusionPro is unable to also apply that treatments.


Not what I was hoping for, but I really appreciate you pointing me in the right direction. You saved me a ton of time. Thanks so very much!!!

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