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Has anybody had any experience with plug-in installations on the new InDesign CC that came out earlier this month?


I'm getting ready to start up a brand new machine to be a dedicated FusionPro workstation and we added a Cloud Seat to that unit. However, we can no longer get CS6 InDesign, just CC.


I have an InDesign 5.5 license I'm not using, I'm thinking of using that if the CC isn't supported, but our largest clients are all on Adobe Cloud so we need to try to keep up with them as much as possible.

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Adobe Creative Cloud is simply a marketing upgrade path to new product versions from Adobe Inc.

They have this “Cloud” option for its various software product lines.

It has nothing to do with Fusionpro. As long as the version of Acrobat / Indesign is supported with Fusionpro it will be fine.

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Just come across this situation yesterday when rebuilding a pc.


When I tried the CS6 Indesign plugin for FusionPro it would NOT work with Indesign CC.


Luckily Adobe still allows CC users to download CS6 - just open the CC Application Updater, find the product (Indesign CC), click on more information which will open a web site. On that site, select CS6 from the dropdown & hit the install button. it will do a small update on the Application Updater & start downloading CS6.



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To (hopefully) clarify a bit further (because I was confused about this myself), there's a difference between downloading a version of InDesign through the Creative Cloud subscription system on the one hand, and InDesign CC on the other hand.


You can download InDesign CS6 with a Creative Cloud subscription, and our CS6 plug-in will work just fine with it. (You can also purchase InDesign CS6 the old-fashioned way, by buying a permanent license for it, and of course FusionPro works with that.)


InDesign CC, on the other hand, is a completely different version of InDesign than InDesign CS6. It can be obtained only through the Creative Cloud subscription system.


In other words, both InDesign CS6 and InDesign CC can be installed via the Creative Cloud program, but FusionPro does not currently support InDesign CC.


InDesign has just announced a plug-in SDK for InDesign CC. We are in the very early stages of analyzing it, so I am unable to provide any date or estimate regarding when FusionPro will support InDesign CC.


As Steve notes, though, anyone with access to InDesign CC through the Creative Cloud program also has access to InDesign CS6, which is supported by FusionPro.

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