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I need my MAC for this particular job for font reasons and I can't get "Décor" to work correctly. It works fine on the PC. Is there something I'm missing?

Is this text in your input data file, in a rule, typed into a text frame, or from somewhere else?


If it's your input data file, you might need to set the encoding on the "Data Source - Flat File" step of the Define Data Source dialog.


If it's in a rule, you'll need to use entities as Eric describes. Or put the text into a Formatted Text Resource and call that out in the rule.


If it's in a text frame or a Formatted Text Resource, the encoding should get automatically converted.

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It is in my data file and I tried changing the encoding when defining the data with no luck changing it to all the different options available.

It could be a font issue. Are you using the same font on Windows and Mac? Are there any messages in the log file about fonts or encoding? Can you post a job which demonstrates the problem?

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Thanks Don. Setting the encoding to Mac Roman in the Data Source Wizard should work, but it's not. I'm investigating why that's not working now.


What I would do as a workaround is save the file as Unicode (UTF-16). That will surely work. That's also what I would use for all files going forward, as much as possible. It's not an 8-bit world anymore.

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