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Embedded Fonts

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The past few jobs I have composed on Producer are embedding fonts that are not used in the layout of my PDF. The fonts are in Font Book, but can't be disabled because they are system fonts. I have turned off "Use Local Fonts" in Acrobat's Preferences and they still show up as embedded in the PDF Properties. The weird part is that they show up as Postscript files which aren't even located on the computer at all. It is a new MacBook Pro laptop and I have not installed any fonts on the laptop since we started using it. Is this an Acrobat issue or is FusionPro embedding unused fonts? The fonts it is embedding is Times New Roman and Verdana (in one). The only thing I can find from Adobe is that Acrobat will replace an embedded font with one that is close if it can't it in the PDF. The rest of the fonts that are listed are all in the layout and everything displays properly. I can get rid of them by optimizing the files but I don't really want to do that every time unless I have to.
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  1. Are you sure you're not using the fonts in the template? You can select FusionPro -> Advanced -> Font Usage to see all the fonts in the template PDF.
  2. Are you sure you're not using those fonts in your output? You can use the Preflight tool in Acrobat to see where fonts are being used in the the output PDF.
  3. Do you get the same fonts in the output when you compose locally on your Mac as you do when you compose through Producer? (For Producer, it's the fonts on the Windows machine where the composition is actually taking place that matter more than the fonts on your client Mac.)
  4. Are there any messages about fonts in the composition log (.msg) file from the Producer composition?
  5. What problem are the fonts in the output causing you that compels you to get rid of them?

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Checked font usage and they definitely aren't in the layouts. The files wouldn't process on a Creo RIP attached to an iGen 4. It shows that the fonts are in two logos which are outlined EPS files.

Ah, okay, that makes sense. The EPS files are converted to PDF for inclusion in the PDF-based output format. That's by design, and frankly, it's the only way embedding an EPS graphic in PDF can possibly work.


Presumably those EPS graphics actually have text in those fonts, which is why those are included. So if you strip out those fonts, the EPS graphics will probably not appear correctly in the output.


Or, if the EPS graphics are embedding fonts that they're not using, then they should be removed from the EPS files. What you might want to do is convert the EPS graphics to PDF first, with Distiller, then use the PDF graphics in the template. Although presumably if you convert the EPS files to PDF yourself, they will still contain the fonts, but you can fiddle with Distiller settings to change that.

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