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Darn Document Overview Window

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I can not get the darn document overview window to move and stay moved. I click and drag it out of my way, then when i click on my variable text box to edit it the window moves back to the same position the the screen.......


Very Very Frustrating!!!:mad::eek:


Please Help

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I'm sorry I thought I had changed my signature immediately before posting this but I guess it didn't save correctly.

Specifically, this was fixed in FusionPro 8.0.

Can you advise me how to deal with this document overview window?

The first thing I would try, in any version of FusionPro, is to select "FusionPro -> Palettes -> Reset All" in the menu in Acrobat.


In FusionPro 7.2 and earlier, the positions of the dialogs and palettes are stored as machine-level settings, not as user-level settings. So your best bet is to run FusionPro (Acrobat) while logged into a Local Administrator account on the machine. This was all fixed in FusionPro 8.0 to save things like this as user settings, so that admin privileges are not required.

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I know this is an old post but I keep getting the same issue. I just upgraded to High Sierra and Acrobat DC.


I don't want the document overview or steps palette to reappear every time I click on a frame.


It was mentioned needing admin rights to fix this but that was supposedly fixed in version 8.


Please help!

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Well, first of all, is it the same issue? I think the original post was about the palette's position, not about whether it shows up or not.


Also, please note that the other posters on this thread were specifically asking about Windows, not about Mac at all. So the thing about admin privileges never, ever applied to Mac, in any version of FusionPro. But like you said, that part was fixed for Windows way back in FP 8.


Specific to FP 10, I honestly don't recall exactly all that's changed which might affect this between FP 10 and FP 11, but we did make a lot of improvements to the UI in FP 11, especially on Mac.

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