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Graphic Box causes preview to not work

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I have an image box that creates a black line across the top of an ad on the back cover of a magazine. When the graphic box is placed on the template page, it will not allow me to see anything on the page when Preview is checked. If I remove the graphic box, it works fine. It also causes the Body page it is on to not preview. The only way I can see what the page looks like is to Compose a record. Has anyone else come across this or is this a bug?


The image is a tiff. I've tried the line in the box as an EPS and I had the same result. It now seems to be pushing my ads down in the graphic frame below the black line so the bleed now shows.

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Wow, that's a huge, complicated template. I was expecting that you would create a minimal sample job which demonstrates the problem.


At any rate, the root of the problem is that the graphic is so skinny, 2587 pixels wide by only 3 pixels deep, at 300 DPI. For Preview, FusionPro down samples all graphics to 72 DPI internally, so that they get processed quickly (since speed is more important than resolution for Preview). Normally this works fine. However, for this particular graphic, when you take that height of 3 pixels and multiply by the ratio 72/300 for down sampling, the result is less than 1 pixel, which gets rounded down to zero. So FusionPro chokes trying to put a graphic with zero height into the output.


Unfortunately, there's not much to be done about this. The graphic isn't able to be downsampled to the resolution that Preview requires, so it's simply not going to show up in Preview.


Now, the fact that the failure to display the graphic causes the entire page to not appear is indeed a bug. I'll submit a bug report about this, and it will be considered for a fix in an upcoming release.


However, I recommend not using such graphics with FusionPro. If you need to output a line, there are several other ways to do this:


  • Make a really skinny frame (either graphic or text), with no content, and set a border. (If you need to programmatically draw the line for only certain records, you can call FindTextFrame or FindGraphicFrame and set the borderColorName and/or borderThickness property in OnRecordStart.)
  • Use a thicker line graphic and scale it down in the graphic frame.
  • In a text frame, you can output a table, with a single cell with no content and a border on the top (or the bottom), in a column the width of the frame.
  • Output a line of underscores.

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