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Hyphen and Period Problem in 3 of 9


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I am trying to create a 3 of 9 barcode but am having problems with the hyphen and the period.Looking at Wikipedia the encoding for these to characters should be that character itself but Fusion Pro is not doing that. When I validate i get the following:


Period is represented as /N

Hyphen is represented as /M


These are not correct according to the ASCII character breakdown on the wikipedia page for a code 3 of 9 barcode.


Anyone have any ideas? I have tried both on my MAC and PC as well as checking or unchecking the treat returned strings as tagged text.

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How are you creating the barcode? I would assume you would just apply the 3of9 font directly to the type you want -- no rule necessary. That works for me when I have the 3of9 font loaded on my computer.

Right. We need more information about the data you're starting with. Is it already encoded for the 3 of 9 bardcode, or do you need FusionPro to encode it?

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OK, so I tried the applying font to my data without a rule and that works as long as I put the * before and after my data. Apparently 3 of 9 doesn't have a check digit. My barcodes scan correctly. Thanks for the help!!!!


Can I ask what the 3of9 barcode rule actually does in Fusion Pro???

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OK, so if I am reading the builtin correctly, I should use a ! for a start and stop and not a *??? My barcode seems to scan correctly using the *.

I think the asterisk is correct. The exclamation point may be an alternate start/stop character, possibly for an alternate encoding. If what you have is working, you probably don't need to change it.


That said, the other thing that FusionPro's Make39Barcode function does is escape certain characters for Full ASCII Code 39. So while your sample data, which I assume contains just letters and maybe spaces, works fine, you may have trouble if your data has something like a quote character in it. Therefore, I think you're better off using the function to encode the barcode.

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