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Trouble With Imposition

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I've had this problem come up quite a few times where my composed output file does not seem to be reading the trim box of my document correctly. Composing shifts my artwork a quarter inch to the right and down leaving no bleed on the upper left.


The only fix that I have found is to place my PDF in InDesign and output a new PDF and build on this. I have checked and rechecked my boxes a dozen times and still have the same problem. Any help is appreciated.


I tried to upload my files with this post but kept receiving a database error. The only file that worked was my .fpi file.

4x6, 12x18, 4up Duplex BLD.fpi

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I have a similar problem - the front and back does not line up when I impose my jobs. The back gutters are about 1/10th of an inch larger than the front.

The upload problems have been fixed since the original post in February, so if you can upload a small sample job which demonstrates the problem, that would be helpful. Thanks.

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From fusionprosupport: "We do not support "bust-cut" in the Fusionpro FP Imposer.

You may need to perform the imposition on the production printer RIP controller, or a third party software such as "Quite Imposing"."


I was told it did when I did a webex demo. It was the imposition function that steered me toward fusion over XMPie. Very unhappy.

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Scott, I recently ran into this same situation and experienced much of the same frustration that you're feeling right now. While it seems unacceptable that PTI would not support an imposition feature that is so commonly used in the printing industry, my work-around may work for you as well:


Firstly, bring the background art (on the front and back) in as a "variable" graphic. Make sure that the graphic frames are not set to "clip" the image.


Then change the bleed in your FPI file to 0". And increase the space between the columns to .25" to account for the now lack of .125" bleed.


This will overlay each variable image (your tickets) over each other by .125" but since the bleed is a common color on all tickets, that shouldn't be a problem.


Again, this solution may not work for you since your art is different than the job I worked on but I figured I'd throw it out there in case it helps save you some time.

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Okay, so there may be some confusion here as to terminology. As far as I know, "bust cut" is the same as "chop cut." And we absolutely do support "chop cut" imposition, which is why the feature to "Discard Space and Bleed" is there in FP Imposer.


Now, there is obviously a bug in outputting such "chop cut" jobs with large numbers of horizontal or vertical repeats. I will enter a case about that bug and it will be investigated. But the presence of that bug does not mean that we don't support chop-cut in general.


Also, step's workaround is completely valid. You could also reduce the bleed amount in the template PDF to half of what it is now, and turn off all the "discard" settings, and I'm pretty sure that will get you what you want.

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I was already thinking along the lines of background art providing the bleed, but I look forward to the issue being solved. Thanks all for the input.


Edit: FWIW, it seems to affect only the backs - I produced a 1000 page run, all the fronts were fine, all the back were wrong. And I've had no trouble with 1-sided jobs, or 2-sided jobs with gutters.

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Is this something that might be addressed in an update any time soon?

I'm not sure what else to say other than what I said in my previous post, which is that, as far as I know, we do indeed support "bust-cut," or "chop cut" imposition. If there's something specific that you need to do, please let us know. The bug with the repeats is being investigated.

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