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Pull specific page from 50-page PDF based on field


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I'm almost sorry to ask this, as I know the answer will be simple... but I can't seem to remember, or find the exact syntax I need in the maunals or forum responses...


I'm looking to return a single PDF page based on a field in my database. The 50-page PDF resource has been added into my FusioPro document resources already. I just need the proper syntax to say something like:


If (Field("signtype") == "Sale Pending")

return Resource("Sign.pdf") page number 1


If (Field("signtype") == "Sold")

return Resource("Sign.pdf") page number 2


If (Field("signtype") == "For Sale")

return Resource("Sign.pdf") page number 3




I just can't figure out how to pull certain pages from the one 50-page PDF?


It's a Monday for sure!

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Something like this:

var myResource = Resource("Sign.pdf");
switch (Field("signtype"))
   case "Sale Pending":
       myResource.pagenumber = 1;
   case "Sold":
       myResource.pagenumber = 2;
   case "For Sale":
       myResource.pagenumber = 3;
   // etc.
return myResource;

Or, if you want to be a bit more succinct:

var pages = [
   "Sale Pending",
   "For Sale",
var myResource = Resource("signtype");
myResource.pagenumber = pages.indexOf(Field("signtype")) + 1;
return myResource;

Edited by Dan Korn
expanded pages array to facilitate adding more entries
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