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Multiple Formated Text Files


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I have a project that has thirty different paragraphs which are called based on an input data field. These paragraphs have special character, indents, bullet points, etc. Is there a easier way to link to these files besides creating a text resource for each on?



Thanks in advance.

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Make them into images and then do a simple "switch" statement in fusionpro or...


take those same images and create the following rule:


return CreateResource(Field("version"));


The data inputs have to be called the same as the IMAGES to call them out properly. Images have to be in the same PATH as your FusionPro template also(I think).


Hopefully this gets you started and Dan may have a simpler way to do it also.

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I don't think you really want to replace text with graphics. If all the paragraphs are really different in terms of formatting, then you will probably need to create Formatted Text Resources for them, or specify all the formatting with tagging in a rule. That said, there may be common elements to the paragraphs which could be factored out, but I can't tell without seeing them.
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