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IMB IntelligentMail Barcode HELP


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I'm trying to make an IMB in FP 8.0.20. (I can't use 8.2 because my web solution doesn't support it yet...booo). My mailing house has provided a string of Alpha characters in a data field which looks like this:




In the past, when we used PostNet barcodes, they would provide a data field containing values like this:





To create a postnet barcode, I would just return the field value, and apply the PNet font to it and be done. But for the IMB, I've tried appling the "IDAutomation4State" font, but it doesn't seem to work that way. I've also the built-in FP rule for creating the IMB, but I wasn't sure how to link the one data field I have.


So, can I do it the old way, just appling a font to the field value, or do I need to get my mail house to supply me with data in a different format?


Thanks, as always, for any help you can provide!

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That is how I create the IMB. Put the ADFT string in the text box and apply the font. I am using a font called USPSIMBStandard. Is that space in the string you copied really in there?? That may be a problem, you should have 65 characters and no spaces. Edited by dreimer
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