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FusionPro and HP VDP Workflow Document

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VDP Workflow Explaination and Best Practices for the HP Indigo digital print workflow


The attached PDF document (see attachment on the right-side of this article) is intended for every FusionPro Desktop customer that is printing VDP printstreams to an HP Indigo Digital press.


While this document does not include every possible option available to HP Indigo customers, it does present a best practices approach to maximize the accuracy and speed of the VDP workflow between FusionPro Desktop and the HP Indigo digital print workflow.


Topics covered in this document includes:

- An overview of HP's SNAP technology and how FusionPro Desktop supports it

- Information about key Printable-only enhancements to the SNAP VDP workflow

- The process of creating SNAP capable font files from FusionPro Desktop

- Loading of SNAP fonts on the HP Indigo SNAP-capable DFE's

- Both HP SNAP PPML and JLYT workflows from FusionPro Desktop to the HP Indigo


Also, four HP Indigo DFE's are covered in this document:

- HP Dual or Quad RIP Production Flow DFE's (Harlequin)

- HP Single RIP Production Flow DFE's (IPTech)

- HP Indigo 5000 Digital Press

- All other HP Indigo Digital Presses (if the personalization option is enabled on those presses)


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Hi all,


This document is one of the more popular docs amongst our customers who use FusionPro and an HP Indigo.


The content of this doc is a bit dated with the latest HP DFE's not being included.


Just curious to see if there's interest out there for a revised version of this doc. For users of the newer HP DFE's, are there key elements missing from this document that you feel are critical to the FusionPro-> HP Indigo VDP workflow? Is so, what would those items be?


If there is considerable interest in a new version of this doc, we will certainly schedule the time to revise it.


Thanks, all.

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I was wondering if there is any variations for using the FusionPro Designer edition, vs. Desktop?

No, the composition is exactly the same, at least assuming that the version of FP Server behind whatever web-to-print system you're submitting the job to for composition from Designer is close to the version of FP Desktop.

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