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Location of Graphic based upon Text


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I want to start by saying thanks to all of you that helped me in the past. It's almost been a year, since I went to training & started using Javascript, FusionPro and Marcomm Central.


I am in the process of building a storefront for one of ur client's sales force to order branded greeting cards for all occasions. The cards will include a personal message on the inside that the sales rep will compose as ordered in addition to their digital signature.


In my other systems I have used in the past, XMPie, PageDNA, etc., I have been able to have the location of the graphic change based upon text that comes before it. Ex: Place signature graphic 1 or 2 lines below last copy line.


Can you do this with FusionPro & JavaScript? If so, will you share the rule to do this?



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You could use a text rule that returns the personalized message and then an inline graphic that returns the digital signature. From there you could insert 1 or 2 line breaks between the two based on whatever field is driving the placement of the digital signature. (I can't really write anything for you without knowing your fields or seeing an example).


If you are running FusionPro 8, and are looking to move the graphic more than just the equivalent of pressing enter a few times after the personalized message, you can set x and y coordinates of a graphic frame based on a field on an OnRecordStart rule.


I hope that gets you headed in the right direction!

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