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QR-code and .txt resources


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I've made a QR-code(vcard) on a business card that returns the resource name instead of the resource itself. The resource is an address and is located in a .txt file.


So when you scan the code you get Resource("path") in the address field.


The rule createResource outputs correctly on the bus card itself.


It should be mentioned that this is a VDP uploaded to DSF.


Is it possible to correct this, or is it a limitation?

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Quick question about QR codes. Can they be produced in multiple colors out of Fusion Pro or just black?

If you create text barcodes, they can be in any color you want - just set the color in the Text Editor dialog where you call out the rule. If you are creating graphic QR barcodes, then they are currently output only in Black.


P.S. Please start a new thread for new questions. Thanks!

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