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I've lost the background…


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I am a kind of newbee from France on the forum, I'm not sure to post in the right place and/or if the question have already been treated…


I have a little problem to solve.


- I did a business card in the versioned type that works fine.

- As I realized the same product in variable type, everything works fine too except the static background & every cropping marks that do not appear on the final PDF.

- of course, the "preview" and "compose" step were OK…

- and in the Manager / setup Template, background is enabled…


I first thought of a problem with the indesign file, so I did a new document, but with the same result.


I guess I forgot to choose or click an option in the manager, if someone has an idea about where… I would be grateful.

Many thanks (hoping you will forgive my "rough technical english"…),


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Thank you havdp for your help. This option was not selected and during the "Composition step" everything was OK. To be sure, I re-did the document from beginning, but with the same result. As it is a simple one, I think I will try to import the static background as variable images to see what happens…
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Hi !

Turning the static backgrounds in "versioned images" was a solution and my document works properly now.


But I do have another problem with this document.


The goal is to compose business cards using a variable product and uploading an Excell file with the personalisations


- The business card can have 2 different logos and also 2 different addresses.

- To help the user to win time, I did 2 fields, one can be "1" or "2" depending what logo must be in the card, the other "a" or "b" depending the address needed to figure on the card.


I used the UI rules in the "setup template" to set what to do if "1" / "2" & "a" "b"


the problem :


If testing the product via the "preview" command works exactly like I need, when i upload the excel file in the store, nothing work anymore (like if the UI rules do not "react" to the "a" / "b" & "1" / "2" contained in the Excell file).


Every column in the Excell file is properly named and the system recognizes it correctly.

I tried XLS / CSV / TXT (unicode) formats but if they are all recognized by the system, the result is always the same.


My question :

are there some limitations (or incompatibilities) in uploading Excell files containing informations "triggering" an action via UI rules ?


I hope my description of the problem will be "easy" to understand… & if someone that has had the same could give me an idea to work on…

a "big thank you by advance" !


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First off, this should be posted in the MarcomCentral forum, in order to get the proper response from peers that use MarcomCentral. If you are not currently a member of that area of the User Community, please request it.


UI Rules only work with drop-downs. If you are using a data file to provide values for "Variable" field your rules will not work. Variable fields do not function as drop-downs, therefore your UI Rules will be voided.


You could write a switch rule in FP for the "1/2" "a/b" thing you are doing, that would honor the input values from your variable data source. However, you cannot use UI rules in conjunction with any rule built in FP.


Hope this helps

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