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Accent character showing incorrectly in FP

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I have a data file that has Spanish names and addresses that are using accented characters. When I import the list into FP some of the accented characters are changing. example: ñ is changing to ò. Is there any way to get the accented characters to print correctly without changing?





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It is not showing in the Preview Selector correctly either. I think it is a PC-Mac thing. I run the list through the mailing software on a PC and then I am creating the variable on a Mac. I just tried composing it through FP Direct and than linking it up with the list and recomposing it and it turned out correctly. So, it seems to be more of how FP views accented characters in a csv file created in mailing software on a PC.
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Open up the Define Data Source Wizard (from the menu, FusionPro -> Data Definition -> Wizard, or click Step 1 in the Steps palette, or click the green Define Data icon on the FusionPro toolbar). Click "Next" twice to get to the "Data Source - Flat File" step. Change the Encoding to Latin-1. Click Next a couple more times, then Finish to exit the Wizard. This should make FusionPro interpret the Windows-encoded data file correctly on Mac.
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