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Empty Fields Issue

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I am having an odd problem as of late. In my data I have a column titled Newsletter with some of the cells with an Astrix in them a most empty. When I choose suppress if empty I get {Newsletter} in the empty fields where data is "missing". This has worked in the past? Any ideas what I may have done incorrectly? It also appears if I compose the job?



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That field is literally not populated for some records. Specifically, 81-95, 560-575, 656 and 657. You need to go into the data and add a trailing comma to the end of those records in order to "populate" the field with no blank.
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The problem is in your data. If you look at record #80 (line 81) for example, the record is missing a comma after the Listname value so FP thinks that the field is missing and throws an "error" in the form of "{Newsletter}".


Records that correctly have a trailing comma (or a comma-asterisk) preview/compose fine.


EDIT: The Clemson ninja strikes again!

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This is a long-standing issue with Microsoft Excel and how it saves CSV files:




I'll also remind everyone to please search the forum before posting a new question. If you search for "Excel missing," you will see that this question has come up several times:



This kind of thing is yet another reason not to use Excel as a database:



However, the workaround in FusionPro is to create a rule with the same name as the field, as rpaterick suggests.

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