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Change Color of Generated QR Code Graphic


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Good day,

I would like to know if it is possible to change the colors of a generated QR code graphic using MakeQRBarcodeGraphic() to something other than black and white. I would like the option to choose a spot color for the black area and transparent for the white area.


I am also trying to use MakeQRBarcode() but it is not optimal for proofing, as there are some screen anomalies, at least in Acrobat and Foxit, that cause transparent lines to streak through the tagged text. Although the proof looks funny, the printed version looks fine. I have attached a screenshot.





Jeff Hines

Shelton-Turnbull Printers, Inc.


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No, you can't change the color of the graphic barcode. You'll need to use the text version.


The lines that you see on the screen are indeed drawing artifacts from Acrobat. You will see these kinds of anomalies with various documents, especially if you're zoomed way in or out. If it prints right, that's the important thing.

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