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Strange Drawing Issue


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I'm having this terribly annoying issue since yesterday with FusionPro - As you can see in the image, I'm drawing a text frame, but for whatever reason it is drawing a portion of whatever is underneath it in the frame! It does not output when I compose the PDF.


I was using FusionPro 7.2 and because of this, I uninstalled it and reinstalled the latest version 7.2P1k. That did not fix the issue.


Again, this is only on the preview. It is not selectable. As you can imagine it gets pretty crazy when you're typesetting and you wind up seeing a mass of text that is below what you're trying to look at, superimposed on what you're trying to see! Inside the text frame, you'll see the bar outside and below being drawn. In the "Dear recip" field, you'll see the beginning of the paragraph below inside the frame.


I'm not convinced that it's a FusionPro issue (due to the uninstall/reinstall not fixing it) but I figured I'd start here anywho. Thanks!

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Actually, now that I think about it - I use the "none" feature to be able to see what's beneath the frame. Helps when I'm lining up the text.


So basically I should be able to use "none" for a color and have the box be transparent.


Something's amiss....

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I did indeed crop the pages (good call!)

But it didn't fix the issue. I've even gone so far as to delete the text frame and draw a completely new one - to no avail.


Actually you can see that in the image I posted. As soon as I drew the frame the offending graphic popped up again, without any text in there yet.

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