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Merge Names with same address


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Hello, I have a simple postcard mailing job that I'm working on, This is being sent out from a college to parents and students.


We have a nice clean csv file with just standard columns


Address 1

Address 2

City, State ZIP


The problem is that they would like only one postcard to go to each household. I have many instances of parents and students that share the same address on separate lines such as...


Student 50 Anywhere Street City, State ZIP

Parent 50 Anywhere Street City, State ZIP


How can I compose my document so that the postcard address with merge both the parent and student name with the shared address?


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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I'm not using any postal software, we are a commercial printer, just getting into using Fusion Pro. The list we get comes from the client. This time around they are asking if it's possible to just send one per household, where previously a card was generated for all names on the list.


I would think there is or is a way to make a rule for this?

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I would think there is or is a way to make a rule for this?


I would believe there is a rule to do this but I'm not sure.


You could also open the file up in Excel, select the DATA TAB in Excel, high-light the COLUMN you want to just have one address per household(ADDRESS LINE 1), Next to FILTER there is an ADVANCED selection to choose, just check UNIQUE RECORDS ONLY, and click OK.


This will only select the first address is the list, so it could leave out either the parent or student through out the list. Probably would vary. To see if it's working properly, you could sort the list by ADDRESS LINE 1 and look for duplicate addresses. Once you have found a set, try out the suggestion I had to see if it will get you by?

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