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data staying "connecting" to PDF


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At first I thought it was the data for this particular job I was working on, but it starting to reoccur for almost every PDF now.


When I open a PDF I define the data source (usually a CSV), save, proceed to layout the text boxes, graphics...etc. save again, the finish the job by composing. Here is when I get the first error message:


Could not read input file:

<Location of .csv file and name>


Composition stopped with errors.

Error no 1114.


So naturally I think, I should redefine the data just incase I did something wrong or the location path became screwy. I did just that, resaved, CLOSED Acrobat down and reopened the PDF...


Error message when I reopen the PDF:

Failed to open file:

<Location of .csv file and name>


Do you want to locate the file now?


And I do... then I get the error message when outputting again.


Any help or suggestions?



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Another option would be to place the input files on either a different volume, such as a mounted drive which starts with a different letter than "C", or use a UNC path starting with two backslashes. This will force FusionPro to store the path to the input file as an absolute path instead of as a relative path.


But Rich and Eric are correct: your best bet is to keep the input file with the job.

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