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UPC barcode question


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The attached .jpg.


Can FusionPro create that exact UPC barcode? Not sure how the data has to be submitted to create the check digits(the "0" & "8")?


Using UPCEANM for the font.


Right now, 00000008601 is what is being provided for the data input. I tried adding |, *, and /\ to the data but had no luck. I could've been doing something wrong though on the beginning and ending characters though.




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That looks like a UPC-A barcode. If it is, it can be created using the "UPCA Barcode Rule".



Thanks. I'm using an External Data file and cannot figure out how to get the one column into calling out either a graphic or taking 11 digits and getting it to convert to the UPCRule.


Any other ideas?

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