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email the .msg


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I'm looking to see if the .msg message can be emailed after the run?


I have a script that SKIPS records during the run based on ADDRESS LINE 1 and ADDRESS LINE 2 input data. The problem is that this campaign uses the data twice. One for FusionPro/Digital Print output and the other for envelope/inkjetting. I was just wondering if there was a way to automate the output file for verification of how many records got processed for each campaign to ensure there isn't a count difference.


Maybe another scenario would work also?



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You can receive email from FP Direct, if it's configured correctly. This email will have a link to the composition log (.msg) file.


Also, you can create an XML log file, either by adding the entry "XMLLogFile=<filename>" to the CFG file for an FP Server job, or by calling FusionPro.Composition.CreateXMLLogFile() in the OnJobStart rule. This will report the actual number of records and pages composed.


However, I don't know of any way to automatically email either the XML log or the regular composition log (.msg) file. Normally this kind of thing would be done as part of a custom application using FP Server.

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Thanks Dan. I'm also looking at any formulas that I can run in Excel prior to Postal and FusionPro Software, to see if has a 9-digit SS #. That would eliminate any records up-front. I need to learn how to create a .bat file to automate my data for some customers. It would help out tremendously.


Thanks again.

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