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Tray Pulls on a Digimaster


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I have a client that is sending me PDFs that contain 2 different medias that need to be pulled. The pulls are random through the PDF and the page count on the PDFs changes as well.


They have sent a data file along with 1 column showing the media calls for each page.


How can I use the data file to pull different media/trays for the pages in the PDF? I don't want to assign this manually because the files could possible be in the thousands.


Thanks in advance.

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I'm not aware of a way you can use the data to trigger tray pulls.


I'm not that familiar with a DigiMaster, but does the device allow you to use PPD files for controlling the output (this is a capability made available in v7.0)? Can you use a JDF (this is a capability of v7.2)?


If either case is yes, you can define the tray pulls based on the page that is output. Go to: FusionPro > Manage Pages > Page Usage > Select the page to be editted > Finishing Settings... > select the appropriate option "Load a PPD" or "JDF Format"


PPD: Navigate to and select the PPD file you wish to load and define your settings.

JDF: Load or define your settings.


Hope this helps

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You could bring in the output pages from an external PDF resource as inline graphics, into either Body or Overflow pages in your template, kind of like in this example. Since there are only two different media types, you only need two sets of Body and Overflow pages. Then set the page media for each page in your template, and have a rule which activates each Body page (and its associated Overflow page) as needed to hold pages from the external PDF resource.
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@Dan Korn - That is a good start to what I would like to accomplish. Attached is a small sample from my customer. There is a 50 page PDF and a .csv file that has the media calls for each page.


This is a smalll sample and the PDFs and .csv could be in the thousands which could make things complicated and time consuming.




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Hi Mark,

I had a similar issue with undesirable results. Our document was also several thousand pages, however it was not as random (pages 1&2 on one stock, 3&4 on another). I spoke with FP and Kodak support on the problem. Their solution was to use 'Page Usage' and select the stocks through the PPD, also to send via postscript to the Digimaster. I didn't have success with that option either. What we ended up doing is creating the exceptions with Kodak SmartBoard and then sending the document to the Digi. That probably isn't a viable solution for you due to the size of the job but I thought I would let you know my experience with it. Let me know if you find a better way to get the job done. I would like to take the load off our operator if possible.


Good Luck! :)

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