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Low res images in preview jpg and tif only


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Acrobat X, FusionPro 7.2P1d, OS Win XP

Low res variable images in preview jpg and tif, eps and pdf images are high res.

I have no problem with low res jpg or tif images after compose.


I have tried all three settings in "Compose settings" / Graphics, I have also change values in Acrobat /Preference/ Pages Display.


How can I get high res valiable jpg and tif images in preview


Regards Thomas

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The Graphics tab, Compose setting of "Never..." will not downsample when FPD does the composition; in fact it leaves the variable images at their original resolution. These other settings are affecting the entire PDF, not just the raster images.


Are the images in question variable images?


If yes, then it is possible that the scaling settings of the frame (especially if the image the image is being enlarged), it could be rendering the image at a lower resolution.


If no, I would look at the settings for how the PDF was generated. The preferences for the creation of the PDF can identify that the images be downsampled, so that could be the culprit.


Hope this helps

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