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GS1 Coupon Barcode


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Anyone else produce GS1 Coupon Barcodes in a high quantity variable job? I don't see a way to do this in a FusionPro rule and barcode font combination and we will have to do tens of thousands. Any quick suggestions?


Because it will be 2-sided with other variable information, I want to stray away from generating barcode pdfs then placing them as variable imaging if I can.


If you could just point me in the direction of software or website, it would be great. Thanks.


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For the GS1 barcode, you have to do two things:


1) Format the incoming text to be encoded like (420)22021

The Parentheses identify the Application Identifier in the barcode and trigger the FCN1 character to be included.


2) Use FusionPro's MakeEAN128Barcode function in a Rule like so:


return MakeEAN128Barcode("MyDataField");//change field name to match your data file.


Apply the IDAutomationC128M font to this Rule name in the Variable Text Editor.

This one is aware of the special requirements and should output the right symbology. Hope this helps.

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