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Expression Template in a Marcom Store Front


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OK. New FusionPro Expression user here. I created an expression file using some of the Fusionpro expression images supplied. Works well. I am using FusionPro with Acrobat and created a nice template. The expression part works, the variable name changes within the graphic. Now What? I want to collect it and import it into my Marcom digital storefront. I created a template, imported the collected files and...it does not work. Everything for the template was displayed except the expression images. So the template works, except for the expression images. How do I make a template work within Marcom similar to the expression templates demo within the sample bank demo Printable uses. Hope this make sense...what steps am I missing.
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To Use Expressions in MarcomCentral (MCC), there are some unique steps you need to follow:

1) You must have that feature activated for your Dashboard.

2) Upload your Expressions to a Library. That Library will be provided an access code.

3) That access code needs to be input into FusionPro Desktop (FPD). The access code allows FPD to see the uploaded Expressions in MCC when you are creating your resources.

4) Create a new "Personalized Image" resource in FPD. This is a unique resource type that uses the access code above to show the Expressions uploaded to the Library in step 2.


For templates being composed out of FPD, you would be create an "FP Expression Image" Resource.


5) Finally create your "Personalized Picture Rule" and be sure to select the "Personalized Image" resource.


Using the steps outlined above, the preview mode in FPD will show the personalized image with a watermark on it. However, if you try to compose the PDF in FPD, you will get an error like the one below:

Graphic is not found or is not processed properly:

Personalized Image Error: Set PersonalizedImages/Clouds, Data Jennifer:

Batch Personalized Image Creation is not authorized..

Check for file existence and that it is of the proper format.


This should be expected, because the output composition must be triggered through MCC, so we block bulk output compositions via this method.


Hope you found this helpful

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