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Insert picture into circle

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I have a base PDF for art. I have a large circle to insert a variable photo. On top of that circle is a smaller circle in the lower left hand side that will get that person's name inserted into that position. The circle where the name goes is blue with white border.


What I did is drew both circles on top of the PDF art in Indesign. The smaller circle I filled with the blue. The larger circle I used the FP menu in InDesign to export as a variable graphic frame. Everything is fine except my photo is coming in as a square and not flowing into the circle in Fusion Pro and is layered incorrectly and sitting on top of my colored box with the persons name. That I can probably figure out, but the photo is what is troubling me.


This is the first time I have tried inserting a graphic into a circle, so if anyone has a suggestion what I am doing wrong, that would be great. Need a proof ASAP, of course. Screen shot attached



Picture 1.pdf

Picture 2.pdf

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You cannot insert an entire graphic as any shape other than a rectangle into FP. We have gotten around this by creating the entire graphic, including the circle and photo in other applications. Then just use that as the variable graphic in FP. You could also have the graphic already shaped like a circle with transparancy for the rest of the rectangle area.
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Thanks. It had crossed my mind that maybe it wasn't possible to start with. Since I had only 18 different photos it was faster to solve my layering issue along with inserting the photo into the circle right in InDesign. I then made a PDF of that page and inserted the entire page as a variable graphic. I thought that would be faster than editing each picture in Photoshop.



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You can leverage FP Expression to handle "texture" graphics with a partially transparent foreground image. This is like a picture-in-picture effect, and it fully supports transparency and non-rectangular "frames." You can hook into this from a FusionPro job and send your graphics to Expression.
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In case anyone else reads this, I had the same thing happening to one of my projects.


Although mine was to have a set background with a oval knock out for an image to be placed in, done in InDesign. My way of getting around that was to make the background and oval, one image with the oval area being transparent and saving that as a PDF.


And then the image that was to be pulled into the oval, is pulled into Fusion behind the new image PDF with transparency.


Both images are now rectangles, which meets Fusion requirements. The one image with oval and transparency is on the layer above the other image, which makes everything work right.


Hope this helps.

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